The Flemish Testing and Experimentation Facility for Agricultural Innovation

The Flemish AgrifoodTEF is an open test and experimentation facility (TEF) for companies to accelerate innovations with AI, data and robotics in agri-food to market. AgrifoodTEF will offer tailored services such as technical assistance in prototyping, image analysis, algorithm training and testing under realistic real-world conditions to test, implement and validate these technological solutions.


It is a project funded by the European Union's Digital Europe program. The project aims to develop a network of testing and experimentation facilities across Europe to help innovators test and validate their AI and robotics solutions for the agri-food sector. With the AgrifoodTEF, ILVO aims to promote innovative, broadly applicable solutions in agriculture and food production. We do this by reducing the gap between research and application of new techniques and ensuring the quality of the techniques for the end users. In this way, we contribute to Europe's leading role as an innovative agricultural region in the world.

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  • Automated collection of datasets on a large- and frequent-scale for validating your model or solution.

    Crop Dataset Generation