Food Consumption Analysis

Voedselresten meetopstelling

Food loss has financial, health and environmental implications. This food consumption measurement application aims to inspire care centres, hospitals, schools and businesses to explore strategies to reduce food loss, improve nutritional intake and encourage meeting nutritional needs.


Reducing food waste

With our smart system that identifies how much food is left on a plate, we can help schools, hospitals and care homes monitor exact requirements more accurately, resulting in less food being wasted.

Information about dietary patterns

The system can also identify what food is left over. Combined with nutrient tables, this provides insight into nutrient intake.


The measurement setup was built with 2 cameras: a 3D camera (Photoneo Phoxi) and a RBG camera (Allied Vision Manta), a measurement scale (Ohaus Scout SKX 8201) and a PC (Intel Nuc) with touch screen. A specific software program was developed for the acquisition of sensor data, the registration of meal components, the calculation of thenutritional components of the meals and the integration of data into a database (SQL).

Working mechanism

A trained algorithm based on texture or colour recognises different types of food. The amount of food is measured using accurate 3D images. An AI-based image analysis algorithm automatically determines how much of each meal a person has consumed.

Special features

The system is integrated in a smartphone application for easy monitoring. Additionally, a conveyor belt can be integrated as well.