LoRa Bridge

long range low power communication

The LoRaWAN system, consisting of an antenna, gateway and MQTT server, forms a bridge between sensors and the end-application that uses the data generated by the sensor. Data logging is facilitated by a Node-RED application that records data to an InfluxDB. This logged data can then be visualized using Grafana.


Testing and benchmarking sensors

Companies developing new sensors for agricultural applications can test or benchmark their protoypes or final product with reference sensors in practice-relevant situations (e.g. field or stable). If needed, you can access the data by subscribing to the MQTT server.

Testing and validation of integrated products or services

Companies developing integrated products or services, mainly for precision farming applications, can test and validate their product/service in practice-relevant situations by connecting existing sensors which can be tracked in real time through our LoRa-bridge.


All types of LoRa sensors can be connected, both through a local network (limited to 5-10 km range from ILVO building) or the widely supported Things network. The system consists of a LoRa antenna (868 Mhz), a LoRaWAN gateway, and an MQTT server.