Fertilizer Spreader Calibration

Opti Spread Infrastructuur

At the spreader calibration lab, spread patterns are measured, both in a direct way with collection trays or an indirect way using the image processing and modeling approach of the SpreadWise setup.


Testing spread ability

Fertilizer manufacterers can perform tests to determine the 'spread ability' of their new granular (fertilizer or biological) granulates.

Assess impact of spreader parameters

Using the SpreadWise setup, experiments can be conducted for spreader manufacturers, to assess the impact of certain parameters, e.g. particle size, shape, granulometry, spreader settings (e.g. disk speed, spreader height, drop point) or external factors (e.g. wind) in a space and time efficient way. Furthermore, simulations can be performed for assessing the true as-applied maps for variable rate applications.


Collection trays

Collection trays equipped with anti-reflection grids are used for determining spread patterns in field conditions.


The SpreadWise setup, developed by ILVO and UGent using a multi-exposure, high speed stereo-camera system and ballistic model, can be used for more rapid determination of spread patterns and provide input for simulation of different effects, e.g. spreader height, wind etc. based on only one measurement.