Hyperspectral Measurements and Analysis

Hyperspectral technology offers a versatile solution for the agri-food processing industry. This technology serves as a rapid, at- or inline, non-destructive replacement for traditional laboratory analysis. It is particularly suitable for applications such as quality control and process control.

Hyperspectral sensing lab

Service Features

Pilot Testing

Pilot testing with our VIS and NIR hyperspectral cameras at lab scale

Chemometric Modelling

Statistical and machine learning-based chemometric models are built based on the measurements and reference data.


Investigate the possibility of various existing or purpose-built multispectral devices for later integration and optimization of your systems


This service is particularly useful for companies in the agrifood sector looking for fast, non-destructive methods for quality- or process control. It can also be valuable for companies interested in integrating hyperspectral technology into their already existing systems.