Crop Dataset Generation

Automated collection of datasets on a large- and frequent-scale for validating your model or solution.

The use of AI in computer vision applications offers great potential to increase the efficiency and sustainability of primary crop production. Unlike traditional approaches, the focus of feature engineering shifts to acquiring large, balanced datasets of images and associated labels to train convolutional deep-learning networks for object detection, segmentation, etc.

Through the use of autonomous robots and drones, in this service we offer the ability to collect large datasets for different crops, at different growth stages, weed pressure, light conditions, etc. Here the dataset can be collected completely customized with the desired sensors and implements. These can come from our own collection or be provided by you.

Robot platforms

Outside of tractors, we have a number of robotic platforms that can work autonomously based on a task map. Our robots have universal interfaces allowing us to easily connect standard implements and sensors.

See the Robot systems infrastructure page for more info

Data processing

The captured data can be further processed if required. The data is delivered in the desired format where our team of AI experts then offer advice on integrating and interpreting this data.